Client: Rubicon Global
Studio: Primary Theory
My Role: Creative Lead, Animation + Illustration 

Leading concept and visual development of specific pieces, and contributing heavily to overall brand development. 

SMB Video 


Concept 1 

Woodblock inspired, using simple line work, bold color and has a handmade touch. 

Concept 2 

Storybook inspired, using clean lines and lots of color to show light and shadow. 

Concept 3 

Modern + minimalistic, line work is offset from bold colors with a clean asthetic. 

Style development

Background design 

Once the concept (#1), was selected, I continued to explore color palettes and textures. 

Character design 

A local, "main street" kinda barista guy. 



Social Media 

Platform banners + backgrounds 

Based off the same design, each image is custom tailored to fit each platform's specifications. 

Post 6/18/17

Father's Day 

Post 7/4/17

Independence Day  

Post 7/14/17

Switch & Save Campaign (Summer theme)