CNN Snapchat Channel

ROLE Associate Designer

CNN, Digital Design



As part of a medium-sized team, I helped run CNN's daily Snapchat Channel.

Originally, with another Motion Designer, we would split the edition. Both creating 5 Snaps from start to finish (editing, designing, animating and minimal sound design). Then we would build the edition together in Snapchat's CMS within a regular 9 - 5pm business day. Sometimes collaborating with our in-house Graphic Designer by animating her designs. 

Later, our publish time changed to early in the morning, in order to present users with the most current news. To accommodate this change in workflow, I began working from 4am - 1pm. Still creating 5 Snaps a day, but within half the originally allotted time. Additionally, I became responsible for publishing the edition as a whole and on deadline. 

To achieve our goal of creating high quality snaps, but in a fraction of the time, our Graphic Designer developed a new look and feel for our channel. I then took her designs and formatted templates in After Effects with animation.


Channel rebrand - Fall 2016

Art direction and original designs by Akoua Smith. 
Responsible for final After Effects templates with animation. 

Color Palette 


SummeR - FALL 2016

New design approach and shortened production time. 


Special editions

Experimenting with storytelling across multiple snaps. 


Winter - Spring 2016

Our original design approach was skewed towards a younger audience. 

Monthly Closers

Collaborated, as the Animator, on creating these closers for February and March 2016. Additionally included 2 non-seasonal closers designed and animated by myself.