CNN Snapchat

As part of a small team, I contributed to the concept, design and animation of the channel identity, daily and special editions. Together we produced 10 snaps a day, everyday and was personally responsible for creating half the edition and publishing by early morning deadline.

Platform: Snapchat
Company: CNN
My Role: Motion Designer

Fall 2016

We launched a channel rebrand on our Snapchat channel after the Presidential Elections. Art direction and original art boards by Akoua Smith, responsible for exploratory and final template animations. 

SummeR - FALL 2016

We cut production time in half and simplified the design in order to publish earlier in the day. 

Winter - Spring 2016

When I first started on this project in January, we were experimenting with style, content and the platform as a storytelling device. 

Monthly Closers

A collaborative effort, I animated both designs given to me by teammates and created myself. Made for February and March 2016, with 2 additional non-seasonal designs. Closers were discontinued in June. 

Special editions

Experimenting with telling a single story over multiple snaps.