Las Vegas + Grand Canyon

While working for Hartmann Studios on the Home Depo Store Managers Meeting, I decided to take advantage of my first ever trip to Las Vegas and explore the desert as much as possible (and also ended up making this gif)! 


As of July 1st, I am officially the Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR), of the Turner Toastmasters at CNN. :) I am super excited to have been nominated and elected for the position!  

VP of PR

Responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program in your club. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the club and its members, as well as between the club and the public, you will increase awareness of Toastmasters through local news & social media.

Camille Rose Garcia

When I was younger, I found an interview with her in Juxtapoz magazine and remember learning about her inspiration from a combination of disney and punk / goth style -- truly a unique and awesome combination! 


My new babies! Tim & Tom

New Mexico

This was an amazing adventure & although pictures don't do these mountains justice, here are some of my photos from the trip.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit Santa Fe + Albuquerque New Mexico and attend the SFIFF.